English 9 and Honors English

If you have not yet turned in your research proposal, do so immediately, but do it correctly. Please include all 5 sources (including at least 2 database sources) with a summary of what info each source provides and how you will use each in your paper. If I returned yours to you and asked you to add or redo anything, do so immediately and resubmit it.

You may not begin taking notes for your paper until I okay your topic and sources.

If you are still having difficulty finding a topic, Google “Interesting Research Paper Topics for high school” or something on that order. Pick a topic, find your sources, write your proposal, and turn it in ASAP. REMEMBER: you are not writing a persuasive paper; you are writing an informative paper.

Today in the Computer Lab: Finish any part of the partner activity from yesterday that you have not yet completed and turn it in.

Complete this activity on your own taking-notes.

When you finish the above, turn it in to me, and if I have okayed your research topic and sources, begin taking notes from your sources. Use your note cards and follow the templates I gave you for note cards and source cards notecards. Remember to copy down source info FIRST before taking notes. If you need help for source info, use this site Purdue OWL.


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