English 9 and Honors English

For those of you who might be having difficulty with how to complete a note card versus how to complete a source card sample-source-and-note-card

Also, here are a couple great videos for completing source cards and note cards: Research Bib and Note Cards is a bit longer, but gives very good and thorough info about how to write a source card, how to write a note card, why you need the info, and a bit about how you will organize them later. This video makes things really clear. There are a couple of things to know however; he uses numbers for sources rather than author and the topic is in upper left & source in upper right. That is okay to do and may even make it easier for you. Also, he refers to the Source card as a Bib card, so just know it is the same thing.

How to Make Note Cards is pretty simple, but has good info. She goes really slow and is repetitive. She does mention that one way of organizing notes is by source. DON’T DO THAT. You need to organize by topic.

Last but not least, remember that Purdue OWL is your ‘best friend’ for telling you what information you need for your source cards. USE IT!!!


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