English 9 and Honors English

Mini Lesson for Thesis Statement –  a-blueprint-thesis-statement

I would strongly encourage you to watch the video Killer Thesis Statement and Writing a Thesis Statement that is also good but a bit slow.

Computer Lab to revise paper – should be pretty much what you would have as your final – all revisions done, errors corrected, 3rd person only, typed, double-spaced, Font size 12, internal citations correctly done, and a Works Cited Page.

2nd Revised Draft should be “Turned In” to Google Classroom – “First Draft of Your Research Paper by tomorrow, and bring a printed copy to class as well to turn in.

Use this checklist to be sure your draft looks really good notes-to-remember-for-research-paper.


  • Here is a video that shows how to use Hanging Indentation in Google docs, because Google is not very user friendly when it comes to creating your Works Cited page.
  • Here is a video for Completing a Works Cited.
  • Check out the final sample paper with Works Cited example from Purdue OWL.

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