English 9

Poetry Thursday: Free-write – Write about anything you like for 7 minutes.

Due Monday, January 9, 2017: Friday Writing #12 – Turn in for FW credit to Google Classroom. If you want me to submit your essay to the contest, print a copy and the entry form for me to turn into the office. 2017-mlk-essaycontestfw122 Martin Luther King Jr. Essay Contest:The theme is “The Right to Vote:  Protecting the Voice of All People”. Essays will be judged on creativity, clarity, content, coherence and adherence to theme. Follow all directions carefully.

 High School and Middle School Prompts (Grades 6 – 12) Choose ONE to write about in your 250 Word Essay

  • When the United States constitution was written, not all adults were given the right to vote.  How has that changed?
  • Discuss any current challenges to citizens’ right to vote or ability to vote in the U.S.

Read through Chap 12 – end of P. 141 Bless Me Ultima and write down two questions or statements for discussion in Socratic Seminar. Due when you return from the break.


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