English 9 and Honors English

Computer Lab today to make corrections to and type up your final draft of your research paper.

NOTE: If you did not get your paper in to me for feedback, use the notes we went over in class yesterday and Tuesday (see yesterday’s post) to revise. Plan to go to the Writing Lab for some extra help BEFORE submitting your final draft on Wednesday, 01/11/2017. If you would like to get my feedback, please bring a printed copy of your paper to my classroom during one of my open hours or after school, and I will be glad to sit down with you and help with revising/editing.

Remember to use proper MLA headings on your paper: In the upper left (double-spaced), include your first and last name, Mrs. Erickson, English 9 (or Honors English) and the period you have this class, and the date – See the sample MLA paper

To insert your last name and page number on each page, make sure your cursor is on the first page of your paper, and choose “insert” from upper menu, then “page number” and choose the first one available. This will insert consecutive page numbers. On the first page only, place the cursor in front of the 1 and type your last name and a space. This should put your last name on all pages, as well as consecutive page numbers. Check to be sure. ASK if you have questions.

7th Hour – We will be in the computer lab on Monday. Today: Finish the reading for The Secret Life of Bees and/or work on your Friday Writing that is due Monday 2017-mlk-essaycontestfw122. 



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