English 9

Discussion of Bless Me Ultima – Characterization focus-characdev

Read info at beginning, Group Discussion of Andrew, Narcisso, and Tenorio (if absent, do this on your own). Complete: “Individual Paragraph” as FW#14 – Due: Friday, 01/20 – Turn in to Google Classroom.

FW#14 – Base this paragraph on the class discussion you had with your group about these three men. Return to Ultima’s earlier assertion that, “The ways of men are strange, and hard to learn” (27). Write a paragraph that looks back at Tony’s questions/observations about the men who killed Lupito in the beginning of the novel through to the end of Chapter Catorce (14). What has Antonio learned since the beginning of the novel about the ways of men? Are any of the ways of men becoming less confusing to him? Are any becoming more confusing? Support your answer with specific text evidence and cite page numbers.


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