English 9

I have finished grading your research papers, so be sure to check them immediately to see if there is anything you need to submit or redo.

We are beginning our new unit for The Odyssey, beginning with “The Hero Quest” as an archetypal story pattern. Here is a PPP introduction-to-archetypes to help you with the note taking introduction-to-archetypes-guided-notes. As a part of the “Examples” section, try to place archetypal characters from Bless Me Ultima.

This short video “The Hero’s Journey According to Joseph Campbell” will provide a brief understanding of the various steps in the journey. This video “The Hero’s Journey through Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Wizard of Oz will take you again through the steps as well as make connections to real life.

Finally, fold a big sheet of paper (SEE ME for this) into 12 sections and label 10 of those sections, using the steps listed on the back of your “Intro to Archetypes Guided Notes”. Label the 10 steps, and as we watch and read Homer’s Odyssey, fill in the information for each step. In the extra two sections, you may write about the monsters/obstacles Odysseus and his men encounter along their journey. As you label the sections, watch this last example of a Hero Journey, “The Quest for the Golden Potato”, about the first 3 minutes of the video.



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