English 9 and Honors English

Today, we are going to complete the 3rd part of the graphic organizer on “The Cyclops”

Read the poem “The Cyclops in the Ocean” by Nikki Giovanni and answer these questions cyclops-tsm-notesquestions; then fill in the Graphic for part 3. It is important to make note of the purpose of each of the 3 mediums.

If you have not completed the “Lotus Eaters” FW#16, you may choose instead to write a Transforming Source Materials paragraph on “The Cyclops” cyclops-framework-blog. Turn it into the FW#16 slot.

Work on FW#17 friday-writing-17-worthmorethangold – Due: Friday, 02/24

Our first book discussion will be tomorrow. Be prepared to share the basic storyline of your choice book, a bit about the character, and what connections to the hero’s journey you have noticed so far. Plan to share a passage that relates to the Hero Journey.


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