English 9 and Honors English

Your goal in the computer lab today: If you haven’t yet read through your instructions Group Multimedia Project 2017, do so NOW please. Begin by researching  possible organizations worthy of support. To do this, you will first narrow your topic, to be specific about what exactly you will be presenting as a supportable issue. For example, if your topic is “Hunger”, will you be looking for charities that provide for world hunger? Hunger in the U.S.? In your state? For children, adults, both? What exactly would you like to find in a charity? On a Google Document, create a list of criteria for any possible charity before beginning research.

Next, use this link http://www.charitynavigator.org/ to learn more about the charity, such as what percentage of donations actually go to the cause vs. how much is used for administrative or other costs. Use this and other sources/means to determine what all the charity provides for; are there any hidden agendas? Does this charity have the same or similar values you have? What kinds of people, places, animals, etc. does the charity help? How does the charity get the money to the cause the money is for? Include any other useful information to help you make your decision. Remember to cite this site and any others you use for information, as a source.

If you are researching multiple aspects of your topic, for example, if your topic is animal rights and you are looking at abuse as well as endangered species, you may need to look at two separate charities, so complete the above for both charities.

Finally, complete this Google Form by the end of the period. You will need about 10 minutes for this, so plan accordingly.


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