English 9 and Honors English

Day 3 in Computer Lab: Continue your research – a few things to keep in mind:

  • You want to begin your presentation with your intro and thesis (this can be completed after you finish the research)
  • You should include an outline of what you will cover, but do NOT plan to read it to your audience.
  • Begin by introducing your topic. What is the problem you are concerned about? Why should others care? Give the facts, statistics, info on what needs to be done, why it’s a problem. Provide a video, poem, song, picture, etc. to get and keep your audience’s attention.
  • Have one slide that gives a tiny bit of info about each of the charities you looked at.
  • Introduce the charity you chose and why. Give some background info about it, why it’s the best, what they do, etc.
  • End with a solid conclusion reminding people why they should care.
  • Presentations should be about 15- 20 minutes long, so figure about 20+ slides
  • Remember to keep a slide or doc for citation information as you go.

Check out this info on how to put together a good presentation – it could make a big difference for your grade BasicPowerpointGuidelines.

IMPORTANT: About the last 5 minutes of class, answer the question in Google Classroom. EACH one of you needs to do this.


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