English 9 and Honors English

English 9 Due Today: FW#19 friday-writing-19-eng9 – Honors: make sure you are working on your FW#19 honors-fw19hospitality; it is due 03/17.

Plan to continue working on the research for your multimedia project

To answer some of the questions from yesterday:

  • At the beginning of your presentation, you will include an intro paragraph with a thesis statement, just as you would include in a research paper. You need a hook, an introduction to your topic, and a thesis statement that includes the issue you are researching, how the problem might be solved, and how your chosen charity might help solve that problem.
  • Additionally, you will need to wrap up your presentation with a conclusion – this may be in the form of a paragraph, just as you would a research paper or essay.
  • All slides in between should use technology to enhance your presentation; any writing should be in the form of bullet points with key words only, so you will not be tempted to simply read the slides in your presentation.
  • Plan to have at least 15 slides and probably not more than 25; you will ultimately be making about a 15 – 20 minute group presentation. Plan to each practice your own part of the presentation in advance to be sure you are okay with the timing. Video time will be included as part of this time. You should have no more than about 5 – 6 minutes worth of video footage as part of the presentation. Keep videos and images appropriate – not too graphic. If you are unsure if your videos or pictures are okay, ASK.
  • You will need to include a correct MLA formatted Works Cited page as your last slide (or more). Use Purdue OWL and/or easybib, but YOU are ultimately responsible for having all accurate and required information for your citations, including for pictures/images and videos. SEE ME if you have questions. You will not be “presenting” your Works Cited to the class, so you should not consider it as part of the 15-25 necessary slides.
  • We will begin presentations on Thursday, March 16. Be finished and prepared to present that day. I will randomly choose groups to present, so plan on Thursday, and be pleasantly surprised if you are not chosen right away. This is not a project that can be easily made up. If you are not prepared or absent on the day of your presentation, you will have to be okay with the consequences of that. Being absent means you will have to present your part by yourself at a later date; not being prepared will affect your overall grade, as you will still be required to present when called upon.
  • Many of your questions could be answered by re-reading the assignment handout Group Multimedia Project 2017 and/or my Blog posts. If you are unable to find answers to your questions from these sources, please be sure to ask me personally BEFORE Wednesday of next week (preferably sooner).

We will start our Monday back in the classroom to go over a couple other things, and then have the rest of Monday and Tuesday to wrap everything up. Plan accordingly.


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