Honors English

Correct your own Comma Handout CommasAnswerKey

Passed out copies of Lord of the Flies (See me Immediately for this) – you are on your own as far as a reading schedule for the novel, so fill out your suggested reading calendar on the back of your Reading Project Handout Honors Reading Project. I will, however, expect you to keep up accordingly and be prepared for class discussions and activities, so do NOT put off the reading. Strike a good balance between this and your non-fiction reading. Try to get through the first three chapters by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Since we are reading through the psychoanalytical lens, take notes on the main characters: their background, traits, actions, and motivations. We will discuss this next week.

Be sure to keep up with the chapter vocabulary. See yesterday’s post for chap 1-3. In addition, it will be important to know the definition of “scar”, which the boys refer to several times – scar – noun – British: a precipitous, rocky cliff submerged in the sea

Group Activity – Create a Society with a government, laws, consequences, etc.

Due tomorrow: FW#20 – Multimedia Reflection 2017; tomorrow is also the last day I will take your FW#19 honors-fw19hospitality. I will take #20 through Tuesday, 03/28.

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