Honors English

Due Tomorrow: FW#22 FW#22 Nonfict news to ShortStory-Poem

If you are still looking for a news story, consider this one.

Also Due Tomorrow: Read THROUGH Chap 7 of Lord of the Flies.

Review Archetypes and Symbols Archetypesandsymbols to be applied to Lord of the Flies – As you continue reading LOTF, make note of archetypes and symbols you come across.

What is Psychological Criticism?

Carl Jung associates Psychological Criticism in Literature with Archetypes and Symbols. In looking at LOTF through this Lens focusing on characters and character motivation, here are some questions you might ask:

  • What connections can we make between elements of the text and the archetypes?
  • How do the characters in the text mirror the archetypal figures?
  • How does the text mirror the archetypal narrative patterns? (Quest, Night-Sea-Journey)
  • How symbolic is the imagery in the work?
  • How does the protagonist reflect the hero of myth?
  • Does the “hero” embark on a journey in either a physical or spiritual sense?
  • Is there a journey to an underworld or land of the dead?
  • What trials or ordeals does the protagonist face? What is the reward for overcoming them?

Another way to look through this lens is using Kohlberg’s theory of moral development as applied to literature.

Discussion on the Moral Dilemma




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