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American Literature 10

Tuesday, May 29, 2018 Civil Disobedience Power Point Presentation Tuesday, May 29, 2018 – Civil Disobedience


American Literature 10

Today is a Reading / Work Day

  • You have two options for today:
  • Work on finishing up your argumentative essay – you may type it on your device but may not leave class to go to the lab
    • Be sure to double space and use internal citations (parenthetical references)
    • Print your essay to bring to class with you tomorrow
    • Use Purdue OWL for help with internal citations if you have questions 
  • If you are finished with your paper or unable to work on it during class, READ your novel, The Things They Carried

Your Argumentative Essay is due: Sunday, 05/20/2018, by 11:59 PM, to Google Classroom

You should finish the novel by Monday, 05/21 but MUST be finished and prepared for discussion by Wednesday, 05/23

American Literature 10

Discussion/Debate – chap 4

What would you do? Reread the quote on page 56: “Twenty yards. I could’ve done it. I could’ve jumped and started swimming for my life. Inside me, in my chest, I felt a terrible squeezing pressure. Even now, as I write this, I can still feel that tightness. And I want you to feel it–the wind coming off the river, the waves, the silence, the wooded frontier. You’re at the bow of a boat on the Rainy River. You’re twenty-one years old, you’re scared, and there’s a hard squeezing pressure in your chest. What would you do?”

Write for ten minutes – what would you do? Consider “courage” and discuss in context of previous quote and this quote, “I was a coward. I went to the war” (61).

American Literature 10

Quiz over Chap 4 “On The Rainy River” – See me immediately to make this up

Chap 4 Discussion 

Copy this definition of Symbolism: Something that stands for, or represents something beyond just itself; used as a literary technique to express emotions

Consider symbolism of the Slaughterhouse O’Brien was working in when he received his draft notice and the symbolism of the separation of Minnesota and Canada by the Rainy River



American Literature 10

Today’s plan may also be found in Google Classroom

  • Finish your Letter and Creative Writing story if not finished
  • When you finish, please make sure your name is on your Writing Journal and turn it in to me; you should have in your journal:
    • Creative Writing from News Headline
    • Letter about what you carry
    • List of Things you carry and Quickwrite on the three you chose to elaborate on
    • Motivational Monday Writing for April 16
  • If you have other writing/notes in your journal, please mark the section that is your Writing Journal for Quarter 4, so I can go right to it
  • Read Chapters 2 and 3 in The Things They Carried – these are short – take notes
  • Homework: Due for Monday, 04/23, read Chapter 4 “On the Rainy River” (This is in Minnesota by the way) – this is a longer chapter but a very good one, as it shows the author’s internal struggle with being drafted for Vietnam
  • As you read this chapter, you will get to know the author, Tim O’Brien, better, as he is VERY honest with us – add him as a character for analysis, and take good notes on his character


American Literature 10

2nd hour – Letter Writing Assignment – See instructions and plan in Google Classroom

3rd and 8th – Work Day

  • Finish your letter – check proper format 
  • Finish your Creative Writing Story from a news headline
  • Both of these writing assignments, your list of “Things you Carry” and quickwrite on chosen 3, and Motivational Monday writing from April 16, should be in your Writing Notebook
  • Writing Notebooks are due tomorrow
  • Read chapters two and three in The Things They Carried – they are both pretty short
  • As you read, add notes to your characters as you learn more about them

7th hour – Creative Writing – this can also be found in Google Classroom

  • First, choose a newspaper headline for your Creative Writing
  • Staple or tape it to the top of your paper
  • It does not matter what the original story is/was
  • Use the caption as a prompt for your story/article
  • You may either write a short story with the caption as a title
  • OR, you may write your own news story using that caption
  • Write about one to two pages, proofread it for errors, and fix any you find

Finish your letter if not done

Writing Notebook due: tomorrow