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American Literature 10

Begin today by watching this short video of John Cena talking about America – add to your notes at least 3 new ideas that you learned from Cena’s video.

Be sure to add the form you completed on Friday to the bottom of your paragraph before submitting to Classroom.

Log into Google Classroom with the code that is written on the board for your class and complete the assignment there. Follow the directions carefully. If you need help ASK!!! This is due today, so stay focused.


Tomorrow is “Twin Day” – find your doppelganger to dress like twins with or wear Minnesota Twins gear!!!



American Literature 10

We are in the Computer Lab today – Your job in the lab is two-fold today:

Create a document  in Google similar to this and fill in the information.

  • View the link for “The Way North” and jot down your thoughts and questions from the slideshow.
  • Use your notes from Whitman’s and Hughes’ poems to write your ideas and questions in that section. If you don’t have the poems with you, you can access them from my previous Blog Posts.
  • For the last section of your document, you may choose to use the video we watched in class yesterday “Interviews from WNYC” OR watch the Ted Talk (15 min.) “The New American Dream” to write your notes or questions about. USE HEADPHONES FOR THE VIDEOS. You do NOT need to use both.
  • NOTE: You may or may not agree with these viewpoints. The important thing is to take in the different perspectives before creating your own version on What it means to be America. You will be using your notes to help you with your support.

The second goal for today is to think about your definition of being America and consider one person whom you believe embodies all the POSITIVE qualities that you value in being American.

  • Find an image of that person, preferably one with an inspirational quote. Print the picture and quote (just one). We will be using these to create a “Wall for Influential Americans” in our classroom. Please write your name on the back of the picture for credit.

Homework: To prepare for Monday, examine your paragraph on “What Being America Means to YOU”. Add to your definition, and even take away if appropriate. Your paragraph now should be about 8 to 12 sentences long. BRING this with you to class Monday.

American Literature 10

  • Writing Tips Tuesday
  • Today’s Writing Prompt – see link below
  • Continue group discussion on “Defining American”
  • Write your own definition – KEEP

Refer to this link for specific details about the writing – you must log in with your school Gmail: