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Honors English – 4th Period

Watch this documentary on The Cyclops Episode part One and Part Two. Complete the third section of the “Transforming Source Material” Chart for The Cyclops.

Discuss with your partner – How does changing Homer’s version of the Cyclops story to a poem “The Cyclops in the Ocean” and/or to a Documentary change your understanding and feelings about the story. Be sure to discuss Point of View/Perspective, Descriptive Details, any Irony present, and any Dialogue that is important in each.

Be sure your name is on it and turn in your chart!

Some time during the class period, please see me to register for you E-term class.

Tomorrow is you last day in the Computer Lab before presentations begin. We will be in 2-203.

Friday, you will take the Transforming Source Material Assessment. Your Friday Paragraph (3 of them) on theme is due: Friday, 02/27


Honors English 1st Period

Computer Lab today (1st per ONLY) – Continue your work on your presentation. Tomorrow is our last day in the lab before presentations begin on Tuesday, March 3.

Super Important!!! – Make it a point to sign up for E-Term today. Here again is the list of course offerings Course Descriptions 2015 Freshman Copy.