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English 9

Finish the film

Due tomorrow: Your essay questions for Of Mice and Men of-mice-and-men-study-guide955 – you will be printing these during class to work on revisions, so please have them ready to print.


Honors English

Two Hour Late Start due to Inclement Weather

Due Today: Q2 Self-Select Book Poster and Vocab List

Write summary of “Parents – Just Say No to Sugary Cereals” article, using this framework Main Idea and Details Summary. Watch the Ted Talk video “Marketing to Kids” and write a summary of this as well, using the same framework. Turn these in.

Homework: Friday Essay – The Secret Life of Bees Essay Topics – Due: Friday, 01/16/2015

Honors English

REMINDER – Due Tomorrow: Book Poster and Vocabulary for Q2 Self-Select Reading Quarter two Self-Sel Assignment

Passed back all graded Research Paper Assessments – If there is anything you need to redo, please do as soon as possible – the sooner, the better.

Vocabulary: Thursday, 01/08 – Erudite –adj: having or showing great knowledge or learning; Amity – noun: a friendly relationship: international amity and goodwill; Write a sentence and memory clue for each.

Finish Secret Life of Bees – Quick review of Friday Essay Choices for the novel Essay Topics – Due: Friday, 01/16/2015

Begin focus on final assessmentToday’s focus: Writing a summary of a non-fiction piece“Just Say No to Sugary Cereals”. We only read the piece today. Tomorrow we will write the summary, using this framework Main Idea and Details Summary.

Honors English

Poetry Thursday: Congratulations! You have finally won the big jackpot! Whoever would have thought you would win $1,000,000.00 in the State Lottery? The whole town, the entire state is sharing in your excitement. Your lucky win is in all of the newspapers, and the news is spreading like an epidemic! Write for 7 minutes explaining how your “win” will affect your life. You might address the following questions: How would you feel? What do you plan to do with your newly acquired wealth? How do you think your family, friends, people in general, will treat you now. How do you think this wealth will change you socially? Emotionally? Mentally/intellectually? What types of problems might you have because of your new wealth? Describe any “good” this wealth might bring you and any “evil” this might bring you. do you wish you had won more than a million dollars in the lottery? Why?

Take about ten minutes and look over your rough draft of your letter to the principal – Check grammar, sentence structure, spelling, capitalization, – there; their; they’re – and anything else you need to check. Make any necessary corrections, and turn it in.

Discuss with your partner the two interesting facts you found about Steinbeck or The Pearl – plan to share out.

Define “Parable”

Setting info Setting of the Pearl; Video clip on “How a Pearl is Made”; Discussion: What is a “Class Society?” Do we live in a “Class Society?” Explain. Background on Class Society of The Pearl Background info on Classes in the Pearl

English 955

Confused Words (part of Vocabulary for quiz Friday): There – indicates place – She placed her book over there. Their – possessive pronoun meaning belongs to them – It was their car that I had seen parked at my house yesterday. They’re – a contraction for they are – They’re going to Disneyland for a vacation over the break.

Computer Lab to type and submit “Be a Critic” paper