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Honors English

Grammar: “Italics, Underlining, “Quotation Marks”, Oh My! ItalicsVsQuotationMarks – Yep, you need this!

“The Balcony Scene” of Romeo and Juliet – Divide a sheet of paper in half; label one half “Light” and the other “Darkness”, and from Act II; scene 2; Lines 1-24, list all references of “Light” on one side and “Darkness” on the other. SAVE for later.

Due Tomorrow: Friday Writing #25 – Sonnet FW#25 Sonnet




English 9

Correct your own Comma Handout CommasAnswerKey

Work Day: READ your non-fiction book, find and read your short non-fiction, work on your dialectical journal entries, work on Friday Writings. Access the Reading Project Assignment through Google Classroom to be able to click on the link for Dialectical Journals. When you label your journal entries for the short non-fiction, you need to also include the title, author, and source of the pages you read.

Do your pre-planning- fill out the suggested calendar on the last page of Reading Project Handout English 9 Reading Project. This will be super important for keeping up.

Due tomorrow: FW#20 – Multimedia Reflection 2017; tomorrow is also the last day I will take your FW#19 friday-writing-19-eng9 and/or your Transforming Source Materials Test. I will take FW#20 through Tuesday, 03/28.

English 9 and Honors English

Book Discussion Today! For the next discussion, probably this Friday, come prepared to discuss connections from your book to your group members’ books, as well as more connections to the Odyssey. Also, choose and mark a favorite passage from your book to share and be prepared to explain WHY it is your favorite passage.

Complete Part 2 of the “Agreement” grammar handout “Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement”.


English 9 and Honors English

For Help With Revising/Editing the Research Paper – Click on the Links Below

Some Grammar Help: generalgrammarhelp

Final Research Paper due to Google Classroom: Wednesday, 01/11/2017 (7th hour: Friday, 01/13) You will turn in the returned revised draft to me as well.


DON’T FORGET: Friday Writing for the MLK Writing Contest is due: Monday, 01/09/2017 – Turn into Google Classroom. If you want it entered into the contest, print a copy and print the completed entry form and give to me on Monday 2017-mlk-day-essay-contest-flyer-2.

English 9

Due Friday, 10/14: FW#5 – Descriptive Choice ps5-fw-5-fridge-or-seth-allory

Grammar Mini Lesson: Confused Words – There – indicates place – She placed her book over there. Their – possessive pronoun meaning belongs to them – It was their car that I had seen parked at my house yesterday. They’re – a contraction for they are – They’re going to Disneyland for a vacation over the break.

Begin chap. 4 of Of Mice and Men. Complete your conflict chart conflict-chartge-mm as we read, and continue to take notes on characters.

Answer in your notes: Why do you think Crooks, Lennie, Candy, and Curly’s wife were the only ones left at the ranch while all the others went into town?

English 9 and Honors English

Grading Discussion: Here is a little cheat sheet with the grading categories and the rubrics for each of the Priority Standards colorcodedpsrubric. This explains which category each of the 7 priority standards will show up under in Skyward. The rubric lets you know exactly what you need to do to get a good grade – USE IT!

For this week’s Friday Writing – Character Analysis of General Zaroff or Rainsford, you will be assessed on PS#2 and PS#6. The specific grammar I will be assessing is correct capitalization and correct sentence structure: Watch this power point on how to Avoid Run On Sentences and Comma Splices run-ons-and-comma-splices. Here is a handout for practice that is due tomorrow: run-on-sentences-and-comma-splices

English 9 and Honors English

Parts of Speech Review – a necessity for writing good sentences – parts-of-speech

ContinueThe Most Dangerous Game” – Here is a link to the printed story .

REMEMBER: As you read, you should be taking notes on the elements of the story, as well as the two main characters: Rainsford and General Zaroff – take good notes about the “character” of each based on what is directly stated by the author, the actions of the character, the reactions of other characters, the character’s thoughts, and what the character says. Your first assessment will be to write about a character. This DARTS chart characterization-darts will help you with note-taking on the characters.