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Honors English

Poetry Thursday: You walk into your house and it’s completely different — furniture, decor, all changed. And nobody’s home. Write for 7 minutes.

Due Today: 3-2-1’s and GE Questions

Work on Conflicts essays friday-writing-ge-conflicts – Due: Monday, 10/31

Tomorrow is our last day in the computer lab for finishing up group projects. We will begin presentations Monday.


Honors English

Due Today: Friday Writing #5 Choice Creative Writing ps5-fw-5-fridge-or-seth-allory

Poetry Thursday on Friday! You have 4 topics to choose from journal-write-for-10-14Choose ONE .

Reviewed 12-Sentence Format for writing about Literature with Character Analysis of Rainsford example. Here is the format and planning sheet if you need to finish or redo this 12-sentformatplan4characanalysis. Check your score and returned paper for comments. If you scored a zero or a one, you must redo it, a two or higher, do better next time.

Reading Time – Finish Section Two of Great Expectations and work on the Section Two Questions. You should plan to work toward finishing the novel by the end of next week. You do NOT have Section Three Questions, and your 3-2-1’s can be completed for every two or three chapters. Try to focus some of your writings on theme for this section.  The following week, we will begin group work.

NO Friday Writing this week – focus on your reading.



Honors English

There are several  characters that we have met thus far in Great Expectations – some minor, some major, some flat, round, dynamic and/or static but all important. To better help you keep track of these characters and their relationships to each other and to Pip, create a graphic organizer for yourself similar to this one ge-characterrelationship-chart-for-merge. Keep this handy to add characters or info as you continue to read the novel.

Continue reading Great Expectations and preparing for Wednesday’s Socratic Seminar socratic-seminar-prep-guide. Preparing should not be a difficult task if you are keeping up with the 3-2-1 info for the chapters great-expectations-reading-assignment, as most of what you need to prepare is what you are already doing. You should have read through chap. 25 for Wed. discussion.