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Honors English

We need to review Theme – as many students had some trouble with a theme of Lord of the Flies Honors Friday Writing#24 Theme.

Mr. Sato does a great job with Theme, so does the PPP Theme.

Literary Analysis LitAnalysisAssess2017



Honors English

Today is a Work Day – Work on finishing up with Lord of the Flies – Really begin paying attention to and thinking about the symbolism and archetypes we discussed earlier.

Due Tomorrow: Friday Writing #24 Friday Writing#24 Theme

Honors English

Reading/Work Day – Top Priority: Be prepared for tomorrow’s Discussion on LOTF – three questions/statements for discussion; consider topics YOU would like to discuss from your chosen chapter. Write each down on a separate note card or sticky note. For obvious reasons, these cannot be turned in after the discussion.

Regardless of which chapter you are writing questions for, you will be responsible for reading through chap 10, so you can actively participate in the discussion.

Honors English

Due Today: Any/all late work FW#s 21, 22, and 23, as well as re-submissions of FW#21 and/or 22. You may turn in re-submissions of 23 by 05/05.

Theme Review Theme

Due: Friday, 05/05: FW#24 Honors Friday Writing#24 Theme – A well-developed paragraph expressing a theme of Lord of the Flies.

We will have our Socratic Discussion on LOTF on Wednesday; come prepared with your three (3) questions/statements for discussion from your assigned chapter. Have them written down on 3 separate note cards or sticky notes please.

12SentStructure for Theme

Honors English

Next week, Tuesday or Wednesday, we will have a Socratic Discussion on Chapters 1-10 of Lord of the Flies. Come prepared with three discussion questions from your assigned chapter. Questions should be such that they generate good discussion and should be written on a note card or sticky note.

Presentations of Diction Analysis Passages

REMINDER: Late Work Deadline is Monday, May 1. Plan accordingly!!!

Honors English

Upcoming Deadline: Monday, May 1, is the deadline for submitting (or resubmitting) Friday Writings 21 FridayWriting21 Choice, 22 FW#22 Nonfict news to ShortStory-Poem, and 23 Friday Writing#23NonfictionBook, and the Argument Evaluation of “Rising Tides” and “An Arctic Floe…” (This is in Google Classroom) I will, however, take re-submissions of #23 until May 5. You will be responsible for checking your grade in Skyward and checking comments on your returned papers to see if you need to redo and resubmit anything before midnight on May 1.

Group Diction Activity with Lord of the Flies Diction Activity – If absent, please choose one passage to analyze on your own and bring your notes with you tomorrow.