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English 9

Get into groups to get Feedback from your Multimedia Presentation – Sorry it’s taken so long to get these back to you.

Author Style – Looking at Wiesel’s writing style in Night Night Writing Style

Read chap 4 – Here is an audio of Chap 4. Respond to the chapter in your Good Reader Journal.


English 9 and Honors English

Continued with Group Presentations – We should be able to finish these up tomorrow! Be sure to turn the Group Multimedia Project in to Google Classroom.

Handout on comma usage Commas – Yes, comma usage, or lack thereof, is a pretty big problem; 7th period did not get this yet.

Tomorrow, we will have shorter class periods because of the Talent Show; BRING YOUR NONFICTION BOOK TO READ!!! Or a device to work on your Friday Writing Multimedia Reflection 2017 or your short non-fiction.

TOMORROW is Super Hero Day!


English 9 and Honors English

Begin Multimedia Presentations – Be sure to turn your presentation into Google Classroom!

7th Per: See yesterday’s post – last day in computer lab

1st and 7th – If you have not yet turned in FW#19 friday-writing-19-eng9 – GET IT TURNED IN!!!

Honors: FW#19 honors-fw19hospitality due: TOMORROW!! You’ve had two weeks on this; time to get it done!

If you haven’t already, read your Reading Project Assignment – Find a non-fiction book ASAP and bring it to class with you to read during free reading times. English 9 Reading Project  Honors Reading Project Honors Reading Project

English 9 and Honors English

Today is a work day. Wrap up the research and the writing portions of your presentation.

We have one more day in the lab, and that should be to finalize your presentation, make sure it is grammatically correct and looking good, decide who is going to present what, and to time your presentation. Also, make sure you have everything cited correctly. This is super important.

7th hour will attend the “In My Shoes” presentation tomorrow and will go to the lab on Thursday.

Presentations (except 7th hour) will begin Thursday, 03/16. BE PREPARED!

English 9 – 1st and 7th: If you have not completed and turned in Friday Writing #19 friday-writing-19-eng9, you need to have that done by this Friday, 03/17, in order to get credit.

Honors Reminder: FW#19 honors-fw19hospitality is due this Friday, 03/17.