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English 9

Finish Discussion on “The Hangman”

Read the following quote by Edmund Burke: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

WRITE in your Night Response Journal: What does “The Hangman” and the quote by Burke mean to you personally? How might you connect this to your own life? How might this quote be connected to “The Hangman”, and to Night? Write exploring these connections. Is there a common theme among the three? What is it? Explain. Include any other insights you find. Use complete sentences so you will know what you are responding to when you look back on it.

Work Day

Due Tomorrow: Friday Writing #24 Friday Writing#24 Theme


English 9

Due Today: Any/all late work FW#s 21, 22, and 23, as well as re-submissions of FW#21 and/or 22. You may turn in re-submissions of 23 by 05/05.

Theme Review Theme

Due: Friday, 05/05: FW#24 Friday Writing#24 Theme – A well-developed paragraph expressing a theme of Night. Here are the topics to choose from Topics for Themes of Night. You are NOT limited to these topics. You may use your own and/or change and even combine any of these.

12SentStructure for Theme

English 9

Upcoming Deadline: Monday, May 1, is the deadline for submitting (or resubmitting) Friday Writings 21 FridayWriting21 Choice, 22 FW#22 Nonfict news to ShortStory-Poem, and 23 Friday Writing#23NonfictionBook  You are responsible for checking your grade in Skyward and checking comments on your returned papers to see if you need to redo and resubmit anything before midnight on May 1. Since FW#23 is not due until this Friday, I will take re-submissions of #23 until May 5.

Read Chap 8 of Night – There is no audio of this chapter (that I could find), so use the online text; this is a pretty important chapter.

Still considering word choices, we are looking at Nazi word choices or euphemisms Euphemism, also known as “Sanitary Language” Sanitary Lang EuphemismsWe will complete the paragraph in class tomorrow.

English 9

Read Chap. 7 Night

Discuss  Syntax and Diction in Night With your partner, find two more sentences (not already mentioned) in the text Night that use syntax and/or diction purposefully – similar to the examples in your handout.

Copy the sentences and cite page numbers. If working with diction, circle the specific diction.

Then explain HOW either the diction or syntax, or both, is used effectively, AND what effect it has on you the reader.