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English 9

Revising and Editing Activity Today! Work in stations to proofread ONE of your Of Mice and Men 12-Sentence Paragraphs several times, looking for different revisions and edits individually. stations-for-revisingediting.

Use these guidelines for revising and editing your paragraphs. We did one 12-Sentence Paragraph in class; you are responsible to go through the steps for your second paragraph. If you did not make it to all six stations, FINISH at home.

Be sure to do Station #7 – this is important!!!

Here is another copy of the Priority Standards Rubric psrubric2016-17 – Your paragraphs will be scored on PS#2 and PS#6.

Both of your final paragraphs are due: Friday, 10/28/2016 – Turn in to Google Classroom.

IMPORTANT: If you already turned these in through GC, unsubmit the assignment(s), fix them, and turn them in again. You don’t want the unchanged copy to be graded.


English 9

Due Today: Friday Writing #5 Choice Creative Writing ps5-fw-5-fridge-or-seth-allory

Poetry Thursday on Friday! You have 4 topics to choose from journal-write-for-10-14Choose ONE .

Reviewed 12-Sentence Format for writing about Literature with Character Analysis of Rainsford example. Here is the format and planning sheet if you need to finish or redo this 12-sentformatplan4characanalysis. Check your score and returned paper for comments. If you scored a zero or a one, you must redo it, a two or higher, do better next time.

Friday Writing for this week will be your two essay question choices for Of Mice and Men. Write a 12-sentence paragraph for EACH of your two choices – separately essay-questions-for-of-mice-and-men. This is due Monday, 10/24, along with study guide questions and your book.