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English 9 and Honors English

Paraphrasing Practice – Paraphrase the sentences on this Power Point Presentation paraphrasingpractice. Use a good thesaurus and find a synonym for ALL the important words in each sentence.

Summary Practice – Read this article food4thanksgiving4summary about what was on the menu at the first Thanksgiving, and using this framework summary-format1, write a summary of the article. Turn this in.

REMEMBER – Due: Monday, 11/28/2016 – FW#10 – Research Proposal Paragraph research-topic-proposal

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English 9 and Honors English

Due Today (if not turned in last week) Assessment on “A Sound of Thunder”

Friday Writing #10 – Research Proposal research-topic-proposal – Due to Google Classroom: Monday, 11/28

What is Plagiarism Discussion plagiarism

Paraphrasing – here is the handout for taking notes paraphrasingnotesheet, and here is the power point presentation paraphrasing to get the info from.