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English 9 and Honors English

FINISH Transforming Source Materials Assessment – if you do not finish, you MUST make arrangements to make this up immediately!!!

Groups for the Multimedia Project are listed on the bulletin board in class; please check your group and topic. We will be going to the computer lab to begin tomorrow. Here is the assignment Group Multimedia Project 2017.

Honors English: I have added another option to your Friday Writing #19; check the new instructions in Google Classroom. See me if you have any questions.

REMINDER: I will NOT accept any late Friday Writing #15-18, nor any redo’s of #15-18 after THIS Wednesday, 03/08/2017. NO Exceptions.


English 9 and Honors English

Poetry Thursday – Happy birthday to Dr. Seuss – respond to this quote: “Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

Read “Death at the Palace” pp. 703-705 and “Odysseus and Penelope” pp. 706-709; Answer questions-for-odysseypart-2. Write down TWO possible theme statements (using guidelines from PPP theme) for Homer’s Odyssey.

Due Tomorrow: FW#18 fw18-just-one-drop


English 9 and Honors English

Friday Writing #18 – “Just One Drop” fw18-just-one-drop Due: Friday, 03/03 to Google Classroom. Please begin typing your paper directly on the assignment in GC so you can easily follow the directions.

This will lead us into our Multi-media Research Project – 2017 – What is your passion for helping others?  What type of charity is close to your heart? Think about your Friday Writing for “Just One Drop”. Some examples are, but are not limited to: feeding the hungry – locally or globally, providing clean water for those without, providing vaccines against diseases, environmental issues, healthy eating, animal rights, human rights, women’s rights, education for all, helping people in other countries start a business or farm, stopping abuse, modern day slavery, fair trade – fair wages for products we buy, human trafficking etc.
Due: Wednesday, 03/01/2017: Once you have decided on an area that is important to you, write your name down on a piece of paper, along with your first 3 choices for type of problem/concern you might be interested in learning more about. I will try to get you your first choice as much as possible, but that may not work out for everyone, so please be flexible.

Read “The Cattle of the Sun God”


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English 9 and Honors English

Today, we are going to complete the 3rd part of the graphic organizer on “The Cyclops”

Read the poem “The Cyclops in the Ocean” by Nikki Giovanni and answer these questions cyclops-tsm-notesquestions; then fill in the Graphic for part 3. It is important to make note of the purpose of each of the 3 mediums.

If you have not completed the “Lotus Eaters” FW#16, you may choose instead to write a Transforming Source Materials paragraph on “The Cyclops” cyclops-framework-blog. Turn it into the FW#16 slot.

Work on FW#17 friday-writing-17-worthmorethangold – Due: Friday, 02/24

Our first book discussion will be tomorrow. Be prepared to share the basic storyline of your choice book, a bit about the character, and what connections to the hero’s journey you have noticed so far. Plan to share a passage that relates to the Hero Journey.


English 9/Honors English

Due Today: FW#16 fw16-lotus-eaters-paragraph

FW#17 Assigned friday-writing-17-worthmorethangold – Due: Friday, 02/24

Finish reading “The Cyclops”

Watch History Channel Documentary on “The Cyclops” – answer these questions (#s 3 and 4 are super important) a-documentary-of-the-cyclops-questions. Title the 2nd section of your graphic organizer for the Cyclops “Cyclops Documentary”. List the factual details from the documentary in the Descriptive Details section of your graphic. Discuss the irony. There is no dialogue to worry about. Consider the unbiased perspective/point of view of the show.

READ your Choice Novel! We will have our first book discussion early next week.

English 9 and Honors English

Complete Exercises C and D in “Agreement” grammar-unit-2-agreement

Begin “The Cyclops” Create your own graphic organizer for reading or use the one in Google Classroomdirections-for-reading-of-the-cyclops

Read Homer’s story – pp. 660-670

Due Tomorrow: FW#16 – “The Lotus Eaters” comparison fw16-lotus-eaters-paragraph

READ your Choice Book – Don’t get behind on this!