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English 9

I have finished grading your research papers, so be sure to check them immediately to see if there is anything you need to submit or redo.

We are beginning our new unit for The Odyssey, beginning with “The Hero Quest” as an archetypal story pattern. Here is a PPP introduction-to-archetypes to help you with the note taking introduction-to-archetypes-guided-notes. As a part of the “Examples” section, try to place archetypal characters from Bless Me Ultima.

This short video “The Hero’s Journey According to Joseph Campbell” will provide a brief understanding of the various steps in the journey. This video “The Hero’s Journey through Star Wars, Harry Potter, and The Wizard of Oz will take you again through the steps as well as make connections to real life.

Finally, fold a big sheet of paper (SEE ME for this) into 12 sections and label 10 of those sections, using the steps listed on the back of your “Intro to Archetypes Guided Notes”. Label the 10 steps, and as we watch and read Homer’s Odyssey, fill in the information for each step. In the extra two sections, you may write about the monsters/obstacles Odysseus and his men encounter along their journey. As you label the sections, watch this last example of a Hero Journey, “The Quest for the Golden Potato”, about the first 3 minutes of the video.



English 9

Research Paper Reflection research-process-paper-reflection – This Friday Writing #13 will give you a chance to think about your research process – what you learned, would like to have learned more (or less) about, how you might use this information in the future, etc. We will finish this in class, and you will turn in a hard copy – either hand written or typed/printed. This will NOT be in Google Classroom. This is, however, a Friday Writing for a grade, so use proper sentence and paragraph structure, be thorough (do NOT just answer the questions), and check your grammar.

Read a little more of Chap. 14 Bless Me Ultima

English 9 and Honors English

Due Tomorrow: Your final draft of your Research Paper – Turn this into the assignment in Google Classroom titled “Final Draft of Research Paper”. You do NOT need to print a copy of your final draft. You DO need to turn in your revised draft that I returned to you with feedback, or a draft with feedback from some other adult. (7th hour due: Friday).

A reminder of what your paper will be graded on prioritystandardsandgrading-1: PS#1, PS#3 (x2), PS#4, and PS#6, as well as an “On Time” score.

Some Links to use for help:

Honors: Read The Secret Life of Bees through Chap. 12 for Tuesday, 01/17.

1st and 3rd: Finish Socratic Discussion of Bless Me Ultima and turn in your paragraph analysis of the discussion.


English 9

Work Day – Finish typing final of Research Paper; Friday Writing; Read ch1-12 Bless Me Ultima

Due Monday, 01/09: Friday Writing 12- MLK Essay Contest 2017-mlk-day-essay-contest-flyer-2 – NOTE: If you choose not to enter the contest, you may use the elementary school prompt as one of your writing choices for FW12. If you are entering the contest, be sure to review the rules and print and complete the entry form.

Be prepared for Monday with your two questions from chap 1-12 of Bless Me Ultima – for Discussion – choose questions that will generate discussion and connect to real life.

English 9 and Honors English

For Help With Revising/Editing the Research Paper – Click on the Links Below

Some Grammar Help: generalgrammarhelp

Final Research Paper due to Google Classroom: Wednesday, 01/11/2017 (7th hour: Friday, 01/13) You will turn in the returned revised draft to me as well.


DON’T FORGET: Friday Writing for the MLK Writing Contest is due: Monday, 01/09/2017 – Turn into Google Classroom. If you want it entered into the contest, print a copy and print the completed entry form and give to me on Monday 2017-mlk-day-essay-contest-flyer-2.

English 9 and Honors English

I apologize for not getting this one up yesterday.

Passed back revised draft of research paper with feedback.

Use the Mayo Media Center website to access a sample MLA research paper and Works Cited page. Yours should look similar if you are doing it correctly.

READ: Honors: read through chap. 8 of SLofB for Friday (7th hour for Thursday). Have your two questions ready for discussion. English 9: read through chap 12 of BMU – 1st hour for Friday; 3rd hour for Thursday, and have your two discussion questions written down.

English 9 and Honors English

Intro writing-the-introduction and Conclusion writing-the-conclusion mini lesson – Watch this video on Writing the Conclusion. It will be extremely helpful.

Citing internally and in the Works Cited rules-forinternalcitations

Peer Revising: if you weren’t here or were not prepared for the peer revising process, use this checklist peer-revision-checklist to have a friend or family member help you with revisions; it’s not ideal, but if you have no one to give you feedback, go through the checklist yourself.

Tomorrow, we will go to the computer lab to make changes and begin typing the 2nd Revised draft of your paper. We will begin in the classroom and go to lab together.

Due Wednesday, 12/21: Your 2nd Revised Draft with conclusion, intro, thesis, all revising changes, correct parenthetical references, and a Works Cited page correctly formatted in MLA – turned in to Google Classroom AND a Printed Copy.