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English 9

Please turn in your copy of The Pearl if you have not yet done so, and don’t forget to turn in your Theme paragraph.

Daily Vocab: Qualm – an uneasy feeling or pang of conscience as to conduct; a sudden feeling of apprehensive; uneasiness; misgiving

Primaveral – of, in, or pertaining to the early springtime. Primaveral longings to plant a garden

Explanation of Tybalt’s name Tybalts name.

Read through Act I, Scene 3 Romeo and Juliet Dramatic PurposeSummary of Act I scene 3

REMINDER: Your first Lit Circle meeting is this Thursday, 04/21; please be prepared by reading your group’s required number of pages and complete your job Lit Circle Jobs. Don’t let yourself or your group members down.


English 9

Due Today:  Theme Paragraph for The Pearl Eng9, and turn in your book

Daily Vocab: Verisimilitude – appearance or semblance of truth

Quell – to suppress; put an end to; extinguish; vanquish; subdue; to quiet or allay (emotions, anxieties, etc.) Quiz is Friday, 04/22 – All words are on Quizlet in Google Classroom

Begin Romeo and Juliet – first watch this clip on Elizabethan Street Fighting. Video clip on scene one – Read Act I, Scene One

English 9

Daily Vocab: Ingress – the act of going in or entering, the right to enter, a means or place of entering; entryway.

Insouciance – lack of care or concern; indifference.

Lit Circle Groups– Today, students chose a novel/book to read for the next four weeks. If you were absent, see me immediately for your book, and find out from your group members what job you have and how many pages to read for our next meeting: Thursday, 04/21/2016. Here are the job descriptions for each task Lit Circle Jobs; you will get a paper copy tomorrow. Bring your book to class with you tomorrow.

Tomorrow, you will be working on your Theme Questions for The Pearl. Bring your copy of the book to use and turn in. Bring the list of Theme Topics Theme Paragraph for The Pearl Eng9 Prepare BEFORE tomorrow: which topic you will use as a theme, a basic thesis (topic sentence), and marked passages that you plan to use to support your theme. IF you have this done in advance, you should pretty easily be able to finish in class tomorrow so you can enjoy the beautiful weekend to come without English homework (except the reading).

English 9

Daily Vocab: Plethoric – overfull; inflated: a plethoric, pompous speech.
Swivet – a state of nervous excitement, haste, or anxiety; flutter

What do you know about Shakespeare and why do students tend to groan when reading Shakespeare? Understanding Shakespeare will help you to better understand how to read Shakespeare.

And just for fun – here is how to TalkLikeShakespeare_Top101

You should be finished with The Pearl by now. On Friday, you will write the theme paragraph. Here is the assignment Theme Paragraph for The Pearl Eng9. You may choose your topic for the theme you wish to write about and mark your book with sticky notes for evidence. No need to write the actual paragraph just yet.

English 9

Poetry Thursday on Wednesday! Watch this Minnesota DNR Live Eagle Cam – and write in your “Love it!” notebooks about EAGLES – a poem, a story or even a live broadcast!

Corrected “Commas” Handout – KEEP!

Answer these MAJOR THEMES AND QUESTIONS TO FOR The PearlDue Tomorrow if you didn’t finish in class today; check out a copy of The Pearl, and get a copy of assignment Theme Paragraph for The Pearl Eng9 – Due: Wednesday, April 13.

IMPORTANT: Tomorrow is the LAST day of the quarter! If you have not finished the “Transforming Source Materials” Assessment, you MUST make it up before the end of the day tomorrow. If you have not taken the Drama and Lit Terms Vocab Quiz, do so before the end of the day tomorrow. If you have not ‘Turned in’ your Multimedia Project Reflection paper to Google Classroom, you have until the end of the day tomorrow to turn it in for credit. Many of you have not done this, so check Skyward!