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English 9 and Honors English

Due Today: Friday Writing #9 friday-writing9-q1reflection

Finish “A Sound of Thunder” Assessment a-sound-of-thunder

To do over the weekend: Continue playing around with your research topic – Make sure you will be able to find several credible sources that will help you answer your questions. It is EXTREMELY important that you have a solid topic with enough resources to be able to write a 2-4 (Honors 3-6) page paper – BEFORE you begin the actual note-taking process.


English 9

Poetry Thursday: Pick up any book and turn to page 49. Use the first sentence on the page as a writing prompt. Write for 7 minutes.

Tone, Diction, Imagery, Figurative Language Assessment on “A Sound of Thunder”. We will finish tomorrow.

REMEMBER – Due Tomorrow: Friday Writing #9 Reflection on Quarter One friday-writing9-q1reflection

English 9

Confused Words Wednesday: Fewer tells “how many” and is used with plural nouns – There were fewer students at the mall over the weekend because they were all home studying for finals.

Less tells “how much” and is used with singular nouns – Reading The Odyssey took less time than we thought.

Reviewed tone/imagery/diction with “How to Eat a Guava” Read How to Eat a Guava

Finished “A Sound of Thunder” and questions A Sound of Thunder Questions and reviewed – turn this in please.

Tomorrow: Figurative Language/Tone/Diction/Imagery Assessment

For Friday, 11/20 – Know what topic you will be researching – write it down.

Friday Writing is due: Monday, 11/23 Speak Life S2 FP3