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American Literature 10

Writing Tips Tuesday: Highlighting Key for Returned Papers

READ PTI – through chap. 12 (p. 98) and complete Study Guide – Be prepared for tomorrow’s discussion.


American Literature 10

Poetry Thursday – Write a Haiku – one about nature/fall and one about teen life or school

Close Reading Essay Analyzing “Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood” Written in Blood CloseReadingEssay – We wrote the first body paragraph together. You need to write the intro paragraph, a 2nd body paragraph, and a conclusion. Turn it into Google Classroom Due: Monday, 10/16/2017.

Tomorrow will be a Reading/Writing Day. If you plan to work on the essay, you may bring a device with you to type it up.

American Literature 10

Today is a Reading Day. Try to get as much of Section 2 (chap 4 – 8) read as you can.

Complete your chosen study guide as you go. Your three options are:

Study Guide and Journal PromptsPTI

Open Study Guide

PTI Chapter Predictions Important Things Themes

Note: the 2nd two are templates that you will need to use to make copies of or create your own in your notebook.

If you haven’t yet completed the Study Guide and Pacing Survey in Google Classroom, please do so IMMEDIATELY!!!

American Literature 10

Working with “Why The Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood”

On Friday, you began the Close Reading process by writing Alexie’s thesis in your own words, highlighting three (there are more) statements that support the thesis, and writing the conclusion in your own words, as well as defining difficult vocabulary terms.


  1. Find one quote that supports one of the main points listed.
  2. Write an introductory statement for the quote, insert the quote, and then explain the significance of the quote.

Ex:  Books can give people the tools to battle challenges in their own lives.  Sherman Alexie, who met many challenges growing up said, “I read books about monsters and monstrous things […] because they taught me how to battle the real monsters in my life” (Alexie 3).  Alexie believes that the more people read books about tough situations they may face in life, the better equipped they might be to handle these situations in the future.  The books themselves are not going to hurt them any more than their life experiences.

Before we read the article on Friday, you responded in your notebooks to 1-3 below. Today:

  • Read each statement below and re-read Alexie’s article.
  • Put a #1 next to any statement in the article that relate to how or why “Books can save people”.
  • NOTE: We did this together in class, so you might check with a classmate or me to be sure you are on the right track.
  • Next, do the same for 2, 3, and 4 – find statements in the article that relate to each of 2-4 below, and mark them with the appropriate number.
  • You should be able to find at least two statements for each of 1-4.
  • Use Statements Below:
    • 1. Books can save people.
    • 2. Adults should control the lives of teenagers.
    • 3. We should let others’ expectations of us influence our future.
    • 4. Adults should determine what type of content books should/should not contain.


American Literature 10

Motivational Monday “Here Comes The Comeback” – Watch the video and respond in writing to any combination of the following prompts:

  • How does this video connect to your life?
  • What does this video say about life in general?
  • Think about a time that you felt like giving up. Did you push through it and come out on top?  How did it turn out?
  • Think about something difficult that might yet occur in your life that you will have to push through and “Come Back” – Explain.
  • How might this video motivate you in your future? Explain.

Continue ReadingPart-Time Indian, and work on your study guide. SEE ME to check out a book if you need to.

Due Today: Be sure to complete the survey in Google Classroom regarding your chosen Study Guide and Reading Pace for PTI.