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English 9 and Honors English

Poetry Thursday: In your “Love-it” Journal, respond to this quote by Jamie Grace: “… So spread your wings and fly. You are enough to change the atmosphere, so go and do life BIG!” How will YOU do life BIG?

Finish Syllabus/Grading Discussion and Classroom Norms. Please turn in the signed portion of your syllabus by Monday, 09/12.

Community Building

Due Tomorrow: Friday Writing #1 – Introduce Yourself Friday Writing Intro and FW#1. Please submit through Google Classroom. If you were unable to get logged into Google Classroom, please turn in a printed copy.



English 9 and Honors English

Computer Lab to Access my Blog and review how to submit your paper to Google Classroom google-classroom-setup, get class code, and log into Classroom.

Class Syllabus and grading scale: English 9 english-9-syllabus-2016-17; Honors English 2016-17-honors-syllabus

Here is the color-coding and heading for grading categories grading-information-color-coding and here is the rubric for the Power Standards psrubric2016-17

Introduction Activity to get to know your partner


English 9 and Honors English

Here is an encouraging video from Soul Pancake called “Pep Talk”

Passed out and reviewed Class Syllabus today – English 9 English 9 Syllabus 2015-16; Honors 2015-16 Honors Syllabus Your signed portion is due: Monday, 09/14.

Friday Writing Topic Friday Writing Assignment and #1 topicDue: Friday, 09/11; Rubric for Friday Writing Friday Writing Rubric You will get a hard copy of the rubric later this week.

Introduce yourselves and your partner – an activity in speaking and listening

English 9 and Honors English

I hope you are all enjoying the last week of your summer vacation. Image result for summer pictures

If you have found your way here to my Blog – Good for You! – You are beginning to think about being back to school. This is your “Go-to” place for all class assignments, notes, messages, and anything else you might need (or want) to know!

If you would like to get a jump on things, here is a copy of my Syllabus/Classroom Expectations – Be sure you check the appropriate one, whether Honors or English 9: 2015-16 Honors Syllabus or English 9 Syllabus 2015-16 You will also receive a copy of the syllabus within the first couple days of school.

Here is your first writing assignment if you’d like to get a head-start. Of course, I will post it again once school begins. Friday Writing Assignment and #1 topic

English 955

Grammar Mini Lesson – Verb Tense Grammar Mini Lesson 09-06

Continue note-taking on Literary Terms literary-terms-2014

Friday Paragraph – Each week you will turn in a paragraph (or more). The topics are assigned the week before they are due. This is due Friday, 09/12/14

This week’s topic is: How much responsibility do the strong have toward the weak? If a person is strong, does he/she have a duty to care for those less strong? Why or why not?

To be prepared for Monday’s Writing Diagnostic, take a look at this Be a Critic and plan for which movie you would like to write about. If you are unsure of the title or the characters’ names, please find out and write them down. If you don’t remember much about the movie, you may want to watch it over the weekend so the information will be fresh.