American Literature 10

Consider how far you have to travel to this class

Consider what things you carry with you to class each day

Add the following to the list you created last week in your Writing Journal of what you carry with you each day:

  • What do you carry every day in school?
  • What do you carry in the summer?
  • What do you have to bring to work?
  • What things do you carry that are very visible to the world? What things are more hidden?
  • What things are totally invisible, that is, abstract or symbolic?
  • What do others make you carry?
  • What things do you carry that you’d like to put down?

Create the following categories for what you carry, and place things on your list in the appropriate category – NOTE: Some things may fit into more than one category:

  • Necessities
  • Luxuries
  • Things I Love
  • Concrete Things
  • Abstract Things
  • Things That Make Me ME
  • Things I Wish I Could Put Down

Finally, assess a symbolic weight to each of the items you carry – both concrete and abstract

Read the first chapter “The Things They Carried” from Tim O’Brien’s novel The Things They Carried

As you read, create a list of all the items each character carries, as well as things the whole group carries. Here are the characters to look for: 

  • First Lieutenant Jimmy Cross 
  • Lee Strunk
  • Mitchell Sanders
  • Henry Dobbins
  • Norman Bowker
  • Dave Jensen
  • Rat Kiley
  • Ted Lavender
  • Kiowa
  • The Whole Group – All

American Literature 10

Motivational Monday: What did you do to motivate yourself over this very snowy April weekend?

Gallery Walk – Use this handout Gallery Walk Activity to write your observations. Choose two photos from the following to respond to Gallery Walk Photos. Choose two quotes from the following to respond to Quotes from The Things They Carried. Follow instructions below, or you may come into the classroom during an open hour and look at the photos and quotes here:

  • Before writing anything on your handout, look closely look at each of the twenty photographs.
  • Once you have seen each one, choose two to respond to.
  • Give complete details to describe the photo, as though you are describing it to someone who cannot see it.
  • Next, read ALL of the quotes – there are eleven
  • Then choose two to respond to
  • Write the quotes on your page
  • Try to pick out imagery, figurative language, allusions, etc. and circle
  • Answer the questions

American Literature 10

CREATIVE WRITING: Use your Writing Journals 

  • First, find an appropriate newspaper or magazine headline for your Creative Writing
  • Staple or tape it to the top of your paper
  • It does not matter what the original story is/was – in fact, please do NOT read the article before writing, so it can be your own
  • Use the caption as a prompt for your story/article
  • You may either write a short story with the caption as a title
  • OR, you may write your own news story using that caption
  • Write about one to two pages, proofread it for errors, and fix any you find
  • Be Creative and Have FUN!

Instructions can also be found in Google Classroom!