American Literature 10

Motivational Monday “Here Comes The Comeback” – Watch the video and respond in writing to any combination of the following prompts:

  • How does this video connect to your life?
  • What does this video say about life in general?
  • Think about a time that you felt like giving up. Did you push through it and come out on top?  How did it turn out?
  • Think about something difficult that might yet occur in your life that you will have to push through and “Come Back” – Explain.
  • How might this video motivate you in your future? Explain.

Continue ReadingPart-Time Indian, and work on your study guide. SEE ME to check out a book if you need to.

Due Today: Be sure to complete the survey in Google Classroom regarding your chosen Study Guide and Reading Pace for PTI.


American Literature 10

Continue reading Alexie_Sherman_BestKidsBooksWritteninBlood-2

  • Circle and look up vocabulary you are unfamiliar with, and write the definitions next to the words.
  • Locate the author’s thesis statement and put a star by it and write it in your own words on the back of the article.
  • Find 3 main points Alexie uses to support his thesis (there are more than 3) and underline or highlight them.
  • Find his conclusion and write it on the back of article in your own words.

Log into Google Classroom and take the Survey there. This should be done by Monday, to let me know your reading pace preference for PTI. Here is a description of the three types of Study Guides you have to choose from ReadingPaceSG options


American Literature 10

In preparation for reading the article “Why the Best Kids Books are Written in Blood” Alexie_Sherman_BestKidsBooksWritteninBlood-2, – journal write and class discussion: In your own personal notebook, write down the following statements, and leave a few lines between each.

Answer: do you agree or disagree with the statement? Explain your answer giving specific reasons why you agree or disagree with the statement.

  1. Books can save people. If yes, how?
  2. Adults should control the lives of teenagers.
  3. We should let others’ expectations of us influence our future.
  4. Discussion of Banned Books

Handout: Close Reading Annotation Cheat Sheet

Begin article by Sherman Alexie – “Why the Best…


American Literature 10

Creative Writing Tip Tuesday:

  • Sometimes a new way of saying something can make all the difference; hyphenated adjectives often cause the reader to “sit up and take notice.”
  • So, instead of saying, “Dad was angry,” you could express that with a hyphenated modifier like this: “Dad gave me one of those don’t-you-even-dare-to-push-it-now looks.”
  • Instead of saying, “He thinks he’s always right,” you could say, “Mr. I-have-all-the-answers was at it again.”
  • Now You Try. Write 3 simple sentences; rewrite each sentence using a hyphenated modifier in place of the adjective.

Partner Discussion Chap 1-3 Part-Time Indian – complete this on your own if you were absent Character Analysis Discussion1-3.

American Literature 10

October 2, 2017

Motivational MondayInsane Courage – Watch the video and respond in writing to any combination of the following prompts: (Remember to include heading)

  • How does this slide connect to your life?
  • Do you agree or disagree with this slide as it applies to your own life? Explain.
  • What does this slide say about life in general?
  • Think about a time that you have displayed 20 seconds of insane courage.  How did it turn out?
  • Think about something you may need courage for this year.  What do you need the courage to do and how do you think it will go?

Reading Day! 

  • You have the remainder of the class period to read then next two chapters of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and complete the study guide for the first three chapters.
  • If you finish chapters two and three, begin the next chapter.

American Literature 10

Friday, 09/29/2017

Due Today: “Indian Education” Notes and Paragraphs

Feedback Friday

Background on the Spokane Indian Reservation

A Pow Wow

Study Guide Study Guide and Journal PromptsPTI for The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian – Discussion

Begin reading the text. Here is a link for The Novel that also includes audio, in case you get behind or are absent on reading days – click on individual chapter.

NOTE: You should have the first three chapters read, the first page of the study guide completed, and be prepared for discussion for Tuesday, 10/03


American Literature 10

Due Today: “From Resistance to Reservations” -your own questions with answers and “Text Dependent Questions” #1-8 From Resistance to Reservations Instructions

Activity: Random Page PTI Random Page – Here is a link to The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian so you can complete it at home.

Due Tomorrow: Indian Education Activity – to include YOUR memories from school and your paragraph about one memory, your notes from “Indian Education”  – main idea plus one of the 5 things, and your paragraph on the impression of life on the reservation that Sherman Alexie creates in “Indian Education” with support.