American Literature 10

Monday Plan

Motivational Monday!

Passed back rough draft of essay.


Revising Checklist – Revising and Proofreading and Editing Checklist

Peer Revising

Transitions List – Transitional_Words_and_Phrases[1]

All revisions should be completed by Wednesday, 02/14, so you can begin typing your paper in the Library Computer Lab.

TOMORROW: Be prepared for your first Book Discussion – pages read and Task completed. You will NOT be able to turn your work in late for this. It MUST be completed for the discussion. (If you are absent, I will accept it when you return).


American Literature 10

Due Today: Entire rough draft of your Goals Essay GOALS ESSAY step by step instructions: Brainstorming, Outline, and Rough Draft for Body Paragraphs 1, 2, and 3, and Rough Draft of Intro and Concluding Paragraphs Goal Essay Assignment Checklist

Perspective with “The House” Purpose and PerspectiveTheHouse – Complete the reading, highlighting, and written paragraph. Directions are on the bottom of the story page.

Understanding Reader Response – Who you are determines your response to literature, as well as to life. Some things that influence your perspectives/responses are: Family roles, Work roles, Sports/clubs/hobbies, Friends, Talents, and Other.

Complete this graphic organizer Who I Am to help you better understand Who You Are and what you bring to a piece of literature. Due: Monday, February 12.

American Literature 10

REMINDER: Your entire rough draft of your Goals Essay is due tomorrow for full credit! This includes the intro, three body paragraphs, and conclusion. Information on how to complete each, as well as a checklist of what all you need, can be found in Google Classroom.

Get together in your book groups and decide how many pages you need to read for each group discussion meeting and who will complete what job for your first meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 13. If you were not here today, please talk to your group immediately to get this information so you will be prepared for Tuesday. 


American Literature 10

Motivational Monday and Body Paragraph #3 

Complete your outline from the Brainstorming you completed on Friday.

Write the rough draft of your BP#3 – Write on every other line

Have in mind what book you want to read for Lit Circles. I will have these out for you to choose from TOMORROW. You should have a first, second, and third choice in mind. You may also find the list in Google Classroom.

American Literature 10

Today’s Google Slide Presentation

Write the Rough Draft of your Body Paragraph Two on Academic, Social, and Personal Goals:

  • Once you have determined which specific goals you would like to focus on and the order you would like to go, begin writing the rough draft of this paragraph.
  • Remember to write on every other line to leave room for revisions.
  • Begin with a topic sentence that again encompasses all you will discuss in the paragraph. For example, “In addition to working on my English grade for second semester, I want to work toward achieving several more goals during my time here at Mayo.”
  • Now you can also go back if you don’t already have a concluding sentence for your first body paragraph and add a transition sentence to lead into this one.

Begin your brainstorming for Body Paragraph Three – have this completed by Monday, 02/05 Goals BP 3 Prewriting

Look over the list of options for Lit Circles – read the summaries from Good Reads; check the ratings and reviews.