Honors English

If you have a Friday Paragraph that needs to be rewritten, please do so ASAP and return with the original.

Daily Vocab: Verbose: adj. using too many words, wordy; long-winded – The teacher asked Brenda to cut her verbose speech from forty to fifteen minutes. Some English teachers call verbose writing “flabby.”

Voluble: adj. – talking a great deal with ease – Victor is such a voluble speaker that it takes him a half hour to answer a simple question. Unlike her more voluble opponent, Ollie gave short and well-focused speeches during the election campaign.

Imagery – Read pp. 402-403 in Lit Book and do “Practice” p. 403

“Animal Imagery in The Pearl” animal imagery in The Pearl grp – Add one more for Chap. 1, and find three for each of Chapters 2 and 3- Due: Tomorrow.


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